Motorcycle Journeys Through Texas & No. Mexico
Author: Neal & Sandy Davis

  • Format: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 in.

    Pages/Length: 286 pp.

    Illustrations: Color

    Texas is big and amazingly diverse. It is a desert. It is a forest. It is bone dry. And it is teeming swampland. Author Neal Davis has managed to fit rides into one book that will show you all these faces of Texas. With this new, updated edition Davis has expanded his coverage to include several excursions into northern Mexico as well.

    Texas has more than 3 million acres of inland lakes and rivers, 600 miles of oceanfront, and countless bayous and swamps in the eastern part of the state. More than 20 million acres of Texas are covered with trees. Most important to motorcyclists, it has almost 100 mountains that exceed 5,000 feet in elevation—with eight exceeding 8,000 feet—each conveniently adorned with smooth roads that are waiting for you to explore.

    Texas roads will take you from an ocean-side lobster shack with the best chowder outside of New England to a lush forest highway that winds through a bursting riverbed in the shadow of several snow-capped mountain peaks. You’re guaranteed a great day when your most important decision will be whether to crank the throttle and power up a mountain road, or slip down into town to try the local deli.

    Texas has thousands of destinations, attractions, and landscapes to explore. Davis has laid out for you a choice sampling of the best roads to ride, the best restaurants along the way, and the best times to see (or avoid) the hot tourist spots.

    If you’re taking your bike to Texas, or ready to dust off your Texas plates, Motorcycle Journeys Through Texas and Northern Mexico will help and entertain you along the way. As Davis explains in his Introduction, if you love motorcycling, you’ll love Texas.

    Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgments
    • Foreword
    • Introduction to Texas
      • Information & Cultural Tidbits
      • A Proud History
    • Wild West Texas
      • El Paso to Fort Hancock
      • Fort Hancock to Fort Davis
      • Fort Davis to Presidio
      • Presidio to Big Bend National Park
      • Dual-Sport Day Exploring River Roads
      • Big Bend to Marfa
      • Marfa to Whites City, New Mexico
      • Whites City to Cloudcroft, New Mexico
      • Cloudcroft to El Paso
    • The Hill Country
      • San Antonio to Fredericksburg
      • Fredericksburg to Austin
      • Fredericksburg to Mason
      • Guadalupe Fork Road and Luckenbach
      • Wilkommen au Deutschland
      • Y.O. Ranch
      • Fredericksburg to San Antonio
    • The Coastal Route
      • Houston to Galveston
      • Galveston to Rockport
      • Rockport to Port Isabel
      • Port Isabel to Laredo
      • Laredo to Goliad
      • Goliad to Houston
    • East Texas
      • Dallas to Crockett
      • Crockett to College Station
      • College Station to Galveston
      • Galveston to Jasper
      • Jasper to Jefferson or Shreveport
      • Shreveport or Jefferson to Dallas
    • Introduction to Mexico
      • General Information
      • Mexican Customs and Habits
      • A Brief History of Mexico
    • Copper Canyon
      • El Paso, Texas to Columbus, New Mexico
      • Columbus to Nuevo Casas Grandes
      • Nuevo Casas Grandes to Creel
      • Exploring Copper Canyon
      • Creel to Rancho la Estancia
      • Rancho la Estancia to El Paso
    • The Colonial Heartland
      • Eagle Pass, Texas, to Saltillo
      • Saltillo to Real Catorce
      • Real Catorce to San Miguel de Allende
      • San Miguel to Guanajuato and return
      • San Miguel de Allende to Tamazunchale
      • Tamazunchale to Santa Engracia
      • Santa Engracia to Pharr, Texas
    • Index
    • Motorcycle Services
    • A Little Spanish
    • Additional Resources
    • About the Authors